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PhiloÇoffia Coffee Co.

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About PhiloÇoffia


What is PhiloÇoffia?

Pronounced "fil - oh - soff - eeya", PhiloÇoffia is the love of knowledge and coffee. We love experimenting with coffee to find better brewing and extraction methods. In the summer of 2016, we discovered a unique method of brewing coffee using coconut oil. From there, we've expanded to the art of barrel aging and other complimentary flavor infusion techniques to bring people coffee that will blow their minds!


Our Unique Barrel Aging Process

While we can't get too specific since our method is unique and always improving, at the core is aging green, pre-roasted coffee beans in liquor barrels for up to 4 months. We use barrels previously filled with aged whiskey, cognac, tequila and rum. Some of the liquor becomes infused into the wood planks and provides the basis for our infusion.


Paleo Coffee: Why Brew with Coconut Oil?

Quite simply, brewing with coconut oil reduces bitterness and adds a smooth velvety richness that otherwise cannot be achieved with water alone. The added health benefits of Medium Chain Triglycerides are a nice addition, though we filter most of the coconut oil out so as to focus the flavor on the underlying specialty coffee. Feel free to add additional coconut oil or butter if you prefer.